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5 Free Infographic Making Software You Can Use

A visual representation of the data or information is the infographic. It is a collection of imagery, charts and text. It can provide an easy to understand overview to the users. You can quickly and instantly communicate the information by using infographics. After drawing the best visuals in the form of infographics, you can easily grab the attention of the viewers. We can use them for various purposes. First, we can use them to provide a quick overview of a topic. Secondly, it is also the best way to explain a complex process. Thirdly, we can also use it to show the findings of the research. Fourthly, it is also the best way to compare and contrast the multiple options. Here, top author of Dream Time will discuss the top five free infographic making software that you can use.

Adobe Spark:

It is a suite of infographic making software. By using this suite of design tools, you can easily make posters, web pages and videos. You can make these things either by using your computer or IOS device. Adobe Spark has an easy to use interface. That’s why you can master content creation on the first day. The creators can create professional infographics by using this tool. It has lots of features. First, it has beautiful typography. It is providing a variety of free professional designs and fonts to the users. Secondly, it is offering professional themes. These professional themes allow the users to select the best layouts, designs and colours.

Thirdly, it is allowing the users to add iconic imagery. It means that you can collect thousands of images from the web. You can also collect the images from the collection. Fourthly, the users can select the best fonts by using quick font searching. Fifthly, the creators can also select the best styles. After selecting these styles, they can easily edit them. While creating infographics by using this tool, you can add or change the textures. You can also play with the colour and arrangement.


Canva is the top infographic making software. You can use its basic plan free forever. On the other hand, if you want to use its premium plans, you will have to pay money. In its basic plan, it is also offering lots of features to the creators. Therefore, you can easily create the best quality infographics by using its free plan. For the organization of the designs of the infographics, it is offering two folders to the creators. In its free plan, the creators can add up to 10 members. After creating the infographics, you can also store them. For this reason, it is providing 1GB of storage space to the creators.

Canva is also providing access to almost 8,000 different templates in its basic plan. You can choose one of them to create the best quality infographic. If you want to use photos, you can upload them from your computer. On the other hand, if you want to get access to millions of photos of Canva, you will have to pay $1. While creating the infographics, you can also magically resize the designs. If you have a brand, you can also upload the custom fonts for it. The creators can also set the colour fonts. They can also organize their photos in different folders.


Visme is also infographic making software and is providing a simple and intuitive solution to transform the visuals in the form of infographics. Its basic plan is free for users. Anyhow, if you want to buy its Standard or Complete plan, you will have to pay money. In its basic plan, you will get lots of features to create the infographics. First, it is providing an opportunity for graphs and tables to create the infographics. The creators can also use the maps and data widgets to create these visuals. To enhance the beauty of their visuals, they can also use images and icons.

In its basic plan, you can also use the readymade blocks. While creating a visual, you don’t need to worry about its customization. Its reason is that it is allowing complete customization and editing of these templates. As a businessman, if you want to draw analytics in the form of infographics, you can also draw these analytics. After creating the best quality visuals, you can generate more leads for your business. To fulfil your design needs, you can also use smart shapes and lines. The users can also use pictographs. With the help of these pictographs, they can visualize the bar chart segments.


As recommended by a dissertation help firm, it is a search engine for free vector designs and can be used as infographic making software. While using this tool, users can enjoy high-quality design. This high-quality design will feature graphic resources. You can also add illustrations. This thing enables users to add content for both commercial and personal projects. To increase the usability of this tool, it is adding hundreds of photos, illustrations and vectors. You should use this tool to create free vectors. If you want to use its premium features, you will have to buy its premium subscription model. The businessmen are using it to create logos and business cards. When you will browse the vectors or images on this platform, you will get no interruption. It will also facilitate the continuous production of the content.


Venngage is also one of the best infographic making software. By using this tool, you can create the infographics in such a way that viewers will memorize the information. Moreover, they can easily get access to your infographics. It is the best way to increase the traffic to your website. It is also providing the best platform to boost up the sales of your products. After boosting up the sales of your products, you can convert the visitors into potential customers. To create compelling infographics, you can use various elements of this tool. In these elements, there comes templates, charts and icons etc. After creating the infographics, you can save them on your device. It is also allowing the creators to share them. In its free plan, they are also providing priority support to the users.