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How Yoga Can Help You Keep Calm Amidst Traffic On Roads?

Yoga For Calmness – You might have been reading literature and listening to meditation podcasts for months, but the moment you hit the road all peace and love goes out the window. If throwing expletives on your way to the office while in your car is a part of your daily routine it is time to do something about it. In short, if your daily commute to the office is filled with anger and stress you have to be a bit more mindful.

Fortunately, understanding and practicing the right form of yoga helps turn your commute to the office into an enjoyable experience. Read further to know more about these.

Yoga Practices To Become A Calm Driver

The best yoga schools in India have come up with (NUMBER) solid yoga practices to help you drive with more calm and peace.

Remove Distractions

Similar to the practice of Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), you should remove all distractions when you are driving to work. For starters, focus only on the journey and put your phone in the backseat.

In case, you have an emergency then pull over the vehicle before calling or texting the concerned person. Moreover, if you are into music then put on a playlist and keep it on the side.

Develop Compassion

One of the core tenets of yoga practice is treating all beings with love and compassion. Unfortunately, it is a bit hard to focus on other human beings when you are in a rush to the office. You should drive to the speed limit and do not put yourself or others in danger by overspeeding. In other words, treat your fellow drivers as a friend.

Have Clear Intentions

The practice of Sankalpa or intention as taught during the Yoga Alliance Certification course is quite helpful even in daily life. It helps you turn your frustration and distractions into something more positive. For example, if a fellow driver behaves aggressively towards you do not let their anger impact your behaviour.

Do Yoga Regularly

You should make yoga asanas a part of your daily schedule. In other words, the more yoga you do, the calmer you become over a period of time. Yoga experts recommend you enroll in a reputed yoga school to learn the skills and techniques to control your anger.

Don’t Forget To Breathe

Pranayama (conscious breathing) keeps you calm even when someone cuts you off in traffic. Conscious breathing reduces your anxiety, stress, and improves your heart rate. However, some yogic breathing exercises provide you the much-needed calm, especially behind the wheels. For example, practicing Ujjayi Pranayama can help redirect your focus towards your breath.

Yoga Before Driving

Before hopping behind the wheel you should practice Tadasana (Mountain Pose), close your eyes, and breathe. You can also include Cat & Cow or the Cow Pose to center your mind.

Observe Your Body

As per the current research, yogis are aware that emotions often effect your physical body. For example, if the traffic on your commute is not moving the first thing that happens is you tense your body. You should pay attention to your shoulders. Do you clench your jaw and the steering wheel in anger? Regular yoga practice can help you keep your cool amidst the chaos.

However, if you still feel uncontrollable anger when driving on the road try out these tips.

Powerful Tips of Yoga For Calmness To Keep Your Calm On The Road

Put on some relaxing and soothing music in the background to keep your mind relaxed during the commute. Do not use loud music as it not just distracts you it also leads to more aggression.

Leave some room for other drivers on the road. You should avoid tailgating and maintain your distance from aggressive drivers.

Do not make obscene remarks or gestures like prolonged eye contact with other drivers on the road. Do not use hand gestures, honking, or flash your car lights without probable cause.